Maximo EAM & Performance Management

Cohesive develops and sells software that enables customers to improve and maintain high performance asset management programs.

We offer solutions that enable organizations to manage and optimize their asset, work, and supply chain management programs.

Maximo Asset Management, an IBM Watson IoT solution, enables organizations to identify, track, and manage their physical assets using industry leading practices for Asset Management.

Propel Performance Management, a solution from Cohesive Solutions, enables organizations to optimize and sustain peak performance of their asset management programs using capabilities for monitoring performance and managing continuous improvement initiatives.

IBM Maximo Asset Management

Cohesive Solutions is a leading systems integrator of IBM Watson IoT - Maximo Asset Management. We offer the best of the best industry subject matter experts and the largest staff of certified Maximo consultants to our customers, so they can achieve world class results from their enterprise asset management initiatives.

We optimize asset management programs by using a combination of industry leading practices and IBM Maximo producing desired outcomes of safe, environmentally friendly, and highly profitable operations. The IBM Maximo software is the most powerful Enterprise Asset Management system available in the marketplace:

  • Complete Asset Lifecycle Management.
  • Enterprise capabilities for Asset, Work, and Supply Chain Management.
  • Workflow automation capabilities to control and manage processes.
  • Easy integration with external systems for financials, project scheduling, and condition monitoring.
  • Industry solutions for Utilities, Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Facilities, and Life Sciences.

Cohesive is an authorized Premier IBM Business Partner offering IBM Maximo software sales and annual software support.

Propel Performance Management

Cohesive Solutions enables organizations to achieve and sustain maximum performance of their asset management programs using our Propel Performance Management solution.

Propel turns data into visual insights and offers advanced capabilities that enable organizations to achieve and sustain performance targets through enhanced engagement and collaboration on continuous improvement initiatives.

  • Simplify reporting by turning your data into visual information.
  • Overcome poor data quality by fixing the data at the source.
  • Establish trust in your information to ensure you are making decisions using accurate information.
  • Set performance targets and manage the initiatives to sustain them.
  • Capture tribal knowledge by promoting communications and collaboration.
  • Automate business condition monitoring to alert you before good things turn bad.
  • Engage your workforce in a culture of continuous improvement and achieve operational excellence.

Delivering the Right Experience

Cohesive provides comprehensive business transformation and system implementation services to Enterprise Asset Management initiatives. We achieve superior results by applying a proven delivery methodology that employs the critical blend of industry subject matter expertise with innovative technology capabilities. For more information on Cohesive, click here.