Propel™ – Enterprise Performance Management

In our intensely competitive landscape, measuring the performance of an organization is critical. Organizations develop comprehensive justifications for their investments in Information Technology and transformational initiatives, which include the promise of performance improvements and solid return on investments. However, a large majority of these initiatives fail to deliver as promised.

Propel™ simplifies the process by providing the ability to directly tie the goals of the organization to key measures supporting the objectives.

Propel™ is not a traditional software tool. Rather it is a self-sustaining Enterprise Performance Management solution allowing organizations to easily define business objectives and manage transformational initiatives.

Propel™ adds value through…

TopPerformance Measurement

Propel™ is able to unite disparate data sources and expose previously inaccessible perspectives, unlocking the insight trapped in transactional systems.

TopAlignment with Business Objectives

Propel™ allows organizations the ability to visualize the alignment of objectives across the organization promoting consistent, deliberate actions from all levels to capture the right data from which actionable fact-based decisions can be derived. Processes and tactical decisions can then align with high-level organizational strategies. Propel™ takes an enterprise perspective, fostering the alignment of organizational objectives with all critical business processes (Safety, Environmental, Operations, Finance, SCM, CAPEX, EAM, HR, etc.). Propel™ skillfully aligns the business trinity: people, process, and technology.

TopContinuous Improvement

Quantifiable continuous performance improvements become the business norm in a Propel™ culture. High-value information delivery and business intelligence gets embedded in the daily life and operations of the enterprise. It becomes culturally pervasive through its logical approach and ease-of-use. Propel™ not only manages the performance measurement of new initiatives, it provides a structured approach to KPI lifecycle management.

TopCollaboration and Process Automation

Propel™ provides embedded collaboration on results at the data point level, allowing the research and analysis to remain tied directly to the data point in perpetuity. Once data is transformed into meaningful information, deviations from the established targets are strategically disseminated. The communication includes context of the data, plans to address the root cause, and associated dialogue, which itself becomes critical data that Propel™ captures, manages, and leverages.

TopData Confidence

Propel™ lays the foundation for initiatives to improve the overall integrity of the source data and delivers configurable data confidence elements, allowing the solution to evolve based directly on the current business environment.

TopIndustry Acumen

Propel™ is designed by business experts for business experts.


Propel™ delivers flexible adapters, a pre-defined data model, and metrics to produce early, impactful, and sustainable results. Propel™ is deliberately designed to grow with an organization as it matures over time.